Madonna On Her New Film ‘W.E.’, Sean Penn, And Getting Her Start

Gus Van Sant interviewed Madonna for the latest issue of Interview and they talked about her trip to Malawi, her ex Sean Penn and making movies. Here are some highlights:

On her recent trip to Malawi:
It’s sort of a commitment that I’ve made to this country and the hundreds of thousands of children there who have been orphaned by AIDS. I made a documentary about it [I Am Because We Are, 2008], and it’s just become part of my life.

On ex husband Sean Penn’s work in Haiti:
He’s got a fire under his ass, that’s for sure. A bee in his bonnet. 

On collaborating with Alek Keshishian on the new film W.E.:
I’ve known Alek for years, and we have a weird kind of brother-sister relationship. One minute we’re hugging each other and crying on each other’s shoulders, and the next minute we’re slamming the door in each other’s face and not speaking to each other for a month. [laughs]

On making a movie vs making record:
Making records and putting my shows together-except at the very beginning of my career-I’ve never really experienced much resistance. But when you make a movie, it seems like there’s nothing but resistance. Every other day, it’s like, “What am I doing? This is insane. I could be off gardening right now.

On getting her first record deal:
Seymour Stein is the person who signed me and gave me my first record deal. He listened to my demo. He was in the hospital, and he had me come in to visit him. He was hooked up to all these weird devices-I don’t know what was wrong with him. But he made me bring my boom box and play my music for him. He was laying there in bed in his boxer shorts and a wife-beater.

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