Madonna May Look Good For Her Age, But Her Hands Don’t

While you can get botox for your face, implants for your tits, liposuction for the majority of your body, the one body part that is hard to “improve” are your hands. This is the tell all for Madonna. She’s in amazing shape, as you can tell by her toned arms, but oh the hands.

Plastic surgeon Alex Karidis said hands were a part of the body which easily betrayed a person’s age.

“Babies have podgy hands,” he said. “The skin and fat on the back of the hands is quite thick.

“As a person ages, that plumpness goes, making the hand look bonier and more veiny.

“Over time, since the hands are more exposed to the elements, they become weathered, wrinkly, less elastic and suffer from sunspots more than other parts of the body.”

Even with muscles like these, Madonna can’t beat the hands of time [Daily Mail]