Madonna May Look Good For Her Age, But Her Hands Don’t

June 27th, 2006 // 22 Comments

While you can get botox for your face, implants for your tits, liposuction for the majority of your body, the one body part that is hard to “improve” are your hands. This is the tell all for Madonna. She’s in amazing shape, as you can tell by her toned arms, but oh the hands.

Plastic surgeon Alex Karidis said hands were a part of the body which easily betrayed a person’s age.

“Babies have podgy hands,” he said. “The skin and fat on the back of the hands is quite thick.

“As a person ages, that plumpness goes, making the hand look bonier and more veiny.

“Over time, since the hands are more exposed to the elements, they become weathered, wrinkly, less elastic and suffer from sunspots more than other parts of the body.”

Even with muscles like these, Madonna can’t beat the hands of time [Daily Mail]


By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Nan

    Madonna really doesn’t look that good for her age, but her body is in fantastic shape. Her daughter Lourdes was a pretty baby, and now she’s a doll.

  2. Sharon

    Please, so there is one bad hand picture. Look at the other shots where she’s holding her kid’s hand. She does not have hand issues.

    Seems like gossip has jumped the shark. Everyone is killing for any type of “exclusive” news these days. I’m guessing we’re at the start of the end of the saturation point. Good thing. I need to actually do work while at work.

  3. la la

    That’s not old looking, that’s mascular looking. Looks like veins poppin when you work out a lot… jeee… obviously you’ve done no workout in your life to know the diff.

  4. Carl

    Yea Like I’m lookin at her HANDS!

    BTW she didn’t have botox for her face, implants for her tits, liposuction for the majority of her body …did she? No. So you’re the dipshit.

  5. mla

    I don’t think the botox, implants and lipo comment was necessarily directed at Madonna, I think it was just used to emphasized that while most parts of the body can be tweaked via artificial means, the hands usually can not. That said, I’ve “heard things” about Madonna having had implants (waaaay back in the day) (and I doubt it), and not too long ago there was some Botox talk. Lipo? I doubt it as well, but you can believe that if she ever did have some it was only to perfect what she so obviously works her ass off maintaining. These pictures are lovely. If only she’d get rid of the harsh disco feathered hair she’d be smashing.

  6. MC

    Madonna has always had ugly hands but she’s still fierce!!

  7. Emma in London

    WOW!! Lourdes is a beautiful girl……Madonna is gonna have to watch her or she’ll end up….well….like her mother…LOL!

  8. RAKE

    She’s CLUTCHING A WATER BOTTLE! god… her hands look fine…

  9. Fabiola

    No implants?!?!?! You gotta be kidding! It’s an excellent boob job, unlike Posh’s concrete tits, but they are fake all the same.

  10. ali

    Her hands have always looked gross…Jennifer Aniston has the same problem. They look good but just have ugly ass hands..oh well.

  11. ali

    Her hands have always looked gross…Jennifer Aniston has the same problem. They look good but just have ugly ass hands..oh well.

  12. JBizzle

    Am I the only one noticing that the close up of the hand shows a white sleeve, yet the picture of just madonna shows her in a sleeveless? Were these taken at two different times? Or is someone trying to manipulate an exaggeration into a story?
    BTW… her arms don’t look good, unless you’re a guy looking for a woman that can kick your ass!

  13. emma

    Hello, people, really look at the photograph. Seriously, don’t believe the hype. Or the daily mail

  14. Briann

    NAH… her hands and arms even in the pics with Lourdes look hideous with all those veins. Eww

  15. Sweet Mother of Small Dainty Hands!

    Actually, I’m quite speechless which is a first.

    All I can see here is the potential to open tightly sealed bottles of beer and those ever so stubborn cans of sauce.

    P.S. Nice place you have here :)

    Billy Boy aka Plumbutt

  16. The pic on the right is not of Madonna’s hand. In the first pic, you can see the ring on her pointer finger and the nail on her thumb.

    Come on, people. I’m sure her hands are veiny, but the one on the right isn’t hers.

  17. nag

    she’s been a professional dancer for 25 years and does yoga 4 hours a day and follows a strict macrobiotic. do you think it’s a miracle she has this body? come on, people. put 2 and 2 together. the hands though–i really don’t know where that comes from…

  18. s

    anyone seen sarah jessica parkers hands?? BARFF

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