Madonna Knows How To Work It

September 9th, 2005 // 8 Comments

$8 Million for a commercial, plus free publicity for her upcoming single and CD. Priceless.

(Image via Drowned Madonna)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Andrea

    What is she doing to Iggy?

  2. Girly Girl

    ‘Help me. I’m stuck in a glass case of emotion.’

    – Ron Burgundy

  3. esor

    where’s dennis rodman here?

  4. Sally

    Madonna has turned into a weirdo

  5. Cynthia

    Hasn’t Madonna always been a weirdo?

  6. alexandra

    Have you seen that commercial yet? I love her new single ‘Hung Up’ its only like 30 seconds but I can tell its going to be a chart topper.

  7. Andy W

    Madonna’s relevance as a pop culture icon is over. Hopefully after this album flops she will just go away. She’s done.

  8. Tipsy McSkagg

    Hey Madonna: It’s over.

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