Madonna is Physically Fit

February 27th, 2007 // 7 Comments

How does Madonna stay looking so slim, trim and able to literally tear your head off your body? Easy. She’s CRAZY .

She spends six mornings a week completing a mix of workouts and cardiovascular exercises.

“I mix it up – Pilates, gyrotonics, yoga,” says the singer, 48.

“I do it six days a week, with Sundays off. Actually, Sunday is a day of horse-riding. There’s no such thing as a day off.”

Despite her regime, she still has “fat days” when she worries about her weight.

She tells Elle magazine: “I run longer on the treadmill and don’t eat as much the next day, so then it evens out, but I’m sure it’s all in my head.”

What the hell is gyrotonics? Is that where they exercise the android parts? Ease up on yourself, lady! Have a Ring-Ding or a Chocodile! Relax and enjoy! You’ve made it. Jesus Christ, her poor kids. Mommy can’t talk to you right now, she’s in the gyrohemoglobinconducer getting her white blood cells stretched. It’s ok to feel your age! SEVEN DAYS?


By J. Harvey

  1. Maddona is: "The Terminator"

    You are hilarious!!

  2. sandy

    LOL! 7 MINUTES is about all I can take. LOL!

  3. Who wants to feel 50?

    Besides, if she eases up you know you guys will just find something else to disrespect her for.


  4. chriso

    Oooh, Tom done told y’all! I am sure the other 6 gay men who find Madonna relevant will be chiming in with other rapier-sharp comebacks soon.

    I’m sorry, but when I’m 50 I hope I am not obsessed with my figure, what I eat and how often I work out as if I were some 21 year old dance major with an eating disorder. She just sounds neurotic as fuck.

  5. Marie

    Most dancers are familiar with Gyrotonics . . . and almost all dancer that have been pro and who are around Madonna’s age use it. She simply sounds like an ex-dancer. Maybe neurotic to common folk, but not at all to dancer people.

    And besides, maybe she just likes being active. She’s not one to sit around on her ass all day . . .

  6. LOL @ Chriso.

    I’m not gay & I don’t find Madonna relevant.

    I just don’t see any reason to insult someone for taking care of themselves.


  7. eseu

    She feels great with her body and people continually admire her. For most good things, hard work is required. She does all the fitness exercises and gets a good result in her body. Why question that? Please leave her alone she wants her body that way and she should be left alone.

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