Madonna Fined Over House Party

While the lady of the house is away, the staff will play.

And that is just what Madonna’s staff did while she was most likely out and about, busy promoting her new 80s inspired Material Girl clothing line co-designed with daughter, Lourdes.

Regardless if they were belting out Madonna during their karaoke party, this will not fly with Lady Madge. She will cut you off without looking back.

Police were called when the house party got a little loud. When they refused to let cops in, the owner of the home (Madonna) was issued a noise abatement order. One more strike, Madge is hit with a £5000 fine!

Madonna is always in charge, as seen here easily demonstrating her directorial skills in a scene for an upcoming film “W.E.” in London. And when she’s in charge, HEADS WILL ROLL.