Madonna Does Manual Labor In Malawi For Her Girl’s Academy

Well, ceremonial manual labor anyway.

After a stop over in London for a girls/boytoy/legend night out Madonna and her children David and Mercy have landed in Malawi as planned. Madonna is reportedly planning a lunch for the two children to meet members of their biological family there (they were adopted from Malawi), but the pop star also came to lay down the first bricks for her girls academy.

Madge did a little digging in pristine white pants and heels and cheered with some smiling attendees (likely not the villagers who were moved from the area). Lourdes Leon sat by her mom’s side and Mercy James looked adorable as she took off her glasses to survey the scene and snuggle with mom. Not sure where David is.

There is also a visit planned to the Millennium Village where she joins with economist Jeffrey Sachs and Ericsson CEO Hans Vestberg to announce an “education campaign.”