Madonna Dismissive Of Anna Wintour’s Feelings

September 6th, 2007 // 13 Comments

Madonna was supposed to stretch her old bones across the cover of “Fashion Rocks”, a music and fashion supplement that uber-publisher Conde Nast puts out every year. She blew off Anna Wintour at the last minute and icy editrix lady wasn’t thrilled. I’m sure Madonna barely blinked over this decision. Is anyone else concerned that Guy Ritchie is losing his hotness? I know this post is about Madge pissing off Anna Wintour, but Guy looks a little tired here. He used to look like a hefty scoundrel with a killer grin. Is she leeching the soul out of him? Anyway, J.Lo stepped in at the last minute. Funny, her husband looks drained as well. Does Conde Nast only put succubi on their covers?

Fashion Rocks is part of a corporate ad-sales program that also includes a televised concert, set for this Friday. Lopez will perform, along with Usher, Aerosmith, Maroon 5 and others. “The cover is always a performer from the show,” says a Conde spokeswoman. “Madonna was never confirmed for the show; hence she was not in consideration for the cover.”

But my source says Wintour was not expecting a rebuff: “Anna was a little peeved, to say the least.”

Sources say that Madonna is one of the few ladies in the galaxy who can piss off Wintour, and not give one. Madonna can have her put down like a surly poodle, so Anna better watch her bob.


By J. Harvey

  1. green cardigan

    Madge looks like she had one glass of Evian too many in these photos.

    I still think Guy Ritchie has it. Although he looks like her hired help in these photos. Like her butler or something.

  2. stolidog

    he’s still got it, no worries.

  3. rootabega

    she does look like she’s had one too many shots of wheatgrass here. i love how guy is always clutching her arm possessively= hot!

  4. mike186

    i kind of like that someone can give anna the big brush off. she deserves a little kick in the self-importance pants.

  5. I think Madge will get hers in the end, courtesy of Anna, one way or another. Personally I’d like to have all celebrities purged from fashion magazines and the fashion business anyways.

  6. adrian

    madge cansuck a mean dick

  7. MardiGras

    Someone needs to give Madonna the brush-off. If anyone deserves a kick in the ass and an attitude adjustment, it’s her. If no one paid attention to her anymore, it would absolutely kill her.

    And Guy always looks sheepish as hell in every picture with her. Like he knows he made a huge mistake and is aware that everyone else knows and is waiting to see what he’s going to do about it.

  8. FreakyZ

    Hey, I could piss off this Anna chick in a hot second and I wouldn’t give two shits about it.

    When I referred to Madonna as a piss bag in another post, I didn’t realize she actually looked like one.

  9. ZeldaF

    NOT that many people are “enuf” to piss off Anna Wintour (fake name) …. Ever read about her? She’s NOT a nice person…. Glad somebody could do it! Yeah Madge!!

  10. miss_a

    Thats funny, Wintour looks pissed off and miserable all the time anyway so who cares, plus she is an asshole anyway.
    Madonna looks happy and young in these pics, drunk maybe. But looks good for being drunk, most people look awful drunk. Guy is still hot, just a funny pic. I dont know how old Wintour is, older than Madge, but you can still tell Madge is aging better.

  11. shawn

    I think they both look great…what the hell are you talking about…..

  12. Ednonymous

    He looks seriously pussy whipped & beat down.
    He’s toast.

  13. Guiliana

    Please Madonna is way hot for her age… lets see your ugly ass Mug


    P.S Guy is still way hot.. wtf are you smoking?

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