Madonna Denies She’s Grifting Gucci For Kabbalah

Madonna is denying charges that her Raising Malawi charity is actually a front to bankroll ancient Jewish mysticism. Madonna is teaming up with Gucci next month to throw a huge fundraiser for her Malawi charity. But certain bitches are bitching that because she runs Raising Malawi with Kabbalah bigwig Michael Berg, that the money isn’t going to the orphans of Malwai but to keep the Kabbalah water flowing. Madonna’s rep Liz Rosenberg says “The reality is – and it’s never been a secret – that the Raising Malawi organization was co-founded by Madonna and Michael Berg, who is one of the spearheading executives of the Kabbalah organization.

The Raising Malawi organization is completely separate from the Kabbalah, and they are run as two separate organizations. Accountability will be very clear and very specific, and all funds will be accounted for.” Madonna adopted her son David from Malawi in 2006, and it’s become the focus of much of her charitable work. Rosenberg is calling the accusations “outrageous, incorrect, inaccurate, hurtful and malicious.” Jesus, Madonna hired THAT ONE for a reason.