Madonna & David Banda Return To Malawi Orphanage

Way back in 2006, Madonna journeyed to an orphanage in Malawi, from where she adopted her son, David Banda (who was in a playful mood). Now, three years later, the youngster has returned with his pop star mother to visit the place where he spent the first few years of his life.

The visit was an emotional one for the staff who cared for the young boy during his stay. “David is too young to understand…but for us who remember the sickly tiny little baby of 2006, it was hard to hold back tears, including Madonna,” director for the center, Lucy Chipeta tells Us Weekly.

During their visit, Madge was treated to a traditional “warrior dance” by the children dressed in uniforms. Young David soon fell victim to the infectious beat, getting caught up in the dance himself. At one point, one of the orphans told Madge, “You are our god. Where could we have been without you?”

Well, she did die for our sins…right?

Gallery Info: Madonna and her children, Lourdes Leon, Mercy James and David Banda visit the Mphandu la Orphanage in the Namitete area outside Lilongwe, Malawi.