Madonna Is Offically A Mother Of Three

Madonna’s adoption of Malawian orphan David Banda has been ruled official today by a Malawian court. Her lawyer in Malawi says this is a triumph for Malawian adoption laws. Nevermind that, it’s a triumph for David Banda. Roll up the platinum stroller and I’d like my formula with gold flakes, thanks. This bitch is loaded, and even though she seems like she might be one of those severe “arty” moms, I bet it trickles down eventually.

“We are very happy with what the judge has ruled. It is a positive and beautiful judgment that will have an impact on Malawi’s adoption laws,” Malawian lawyer Alan Chinula stated.

Malawi has been a pet cause of Madonna’s for the past several years. She has filmed a documentary about the problems facing Malawi’s orphans (I Am Because We Are) which premiered at Cannes, and has contributed several millions dollars to the Raising Malwai initiative.

But Madonna’s adoption of David has been a little controversial. There were accusations that she was allowed to skirt adoption laws for non-residents in getting David and that it might have been against the wishes of the boy’s father. Banda’s dad is still living and the one who placed him in the orphanage after David’s mother reportedly died of AIDS.

Anyway, it all turned out alright. But that girl in the pic to the left seems a little skeptical.

Photos: BauerGriffinOnline

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