Madonna Celebrates Her 52nd Birthday

Why does that make me feel old?

While you were drinking MGD’s in your cousin’s basement last night, Madonna was being fancy in London for her birthday!

It’s not really clear if anyone other than Jesus Luz and daughter Lourdes showed up (as evidenced by the random pictures of Billie Piper walking into the same club), but who cares about other people anyway!

Anyway, Madonna wore that silver thing that I do not approve of, but up in the facial zone, things are looking pretty good.  Whatever Mo had rotated lately, it worked, because she looks more like herself than she has in a while.  I’d go so far as to say that she looks quite beautiful (and you know how hard it is for me to compliment people).  And don’t get me started on 13-year-old Lourdes.  That kid is gorgeous!  Sadly, we don’t have any good pictures of her.  Live with it.

On a side note, I checked out Madonna’s junior’s line at Macy’s, Material Girl, and it’s actually not bad.  Besides the dour Taylor Momsen and the lengthy backorder times, everything is pretty cute and reasonably priced.  Check it out!