Madonna Arrives In Malawi, Gets Flack Over 2nd Adoption

March 29th, 2009 // 2 Comments

Now that she’s a single lady (put your hands up!), Madonna has arrived in Malawi to forge ahead with the adoption process of little girl Mercy James.

Madge has returned to the same orphanage from which she adopted son David Banda. And much like her last adoption, she’s facing some political roadblocks, but this time from her adopted home of Britain.

Spokesman for the Children UK organization Dominic Nutt said that it’s their policy that “international adoption should only be considered if the child is a genuine orphan, and if all other alternatives in their own country have been genuinely exhausted.”

He added, “We urge any celebrity to set an example, to follow internationally agreed procedures designed to protect the child, and to ensure that the child in question has no other options in their home community.”

Granted, Madonna’s not technically British, but she should have known there was a risk of this happening once she started messing around with the accent. Play with fire, you will get burned!

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By Lisa Timmons

  1. KL

    Lola! I love seeing Madonna with her daughter and you know what? Good for her if she does adopt another little one. I think she’s probably an OK mom. Also, for some reason, whenever I see Madonna with no make-up she looks just like a little girl to me.

  2. Nicky

    It’s unfair how these celebrities can adopt so easily. There is a 2 year waiting period before you even get considered for adoption when it comes to normal everyday people and the cut off age for Australians wanting to adopt children overseas is 38. There are so many people waiting to adopt but because someone else has money to splash around they get in first.

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