Madonna And Mercy James: The First Photos

Madonna took newly adopted daughter Mercy James to Kabbalah in London, but she wasn’t alone. She was joined by her children David Banda, Rocco Richie and Lourdes Leon along with her ex-husband Guy Ritchie

You know I have to say that I’m impressed with Madonna and Guy Richie. Other than some initial harsh words towards one another during their relatively quick divorce, the two have really stepped it up for their kids. Nice going.

Madonna is reportedly planning a holiday trip to Jerusalem to introduce her newly adopted daughter Mercy James to Jewish mysticism Kabbalah.

“Madonna wants to give Mercy enough time to settle in to her new home. By September she feels she will be ready to take the trip without danger of upheaval,” The Sun quoted a source as saying.

“The Wailing Wall is a very sacred place for anyone with links to the Jewish faith and she wants all the children to see it,” the source added.

Gallery Info: Madonna with Mercy James and family at Kabbalah Center in London