Madonna And Lourdes To Collaborate On Book

June 30th, 2006 // 28 Comments

Madonna’s children’s book “The English Roses” was so successful, and the original book was inspired by Madonna’s daughter Lourdes, so they are joining forces for the sequel. “The English Roses – Too Good To Be True” is scheduled for release later this year.

Madonna says, “My daughter and I really had a great time following up on the adventures of these five close friends.

More photos of Madonna and Lourdes, after the jump.

Madonna & Daughter To Collaborate on Second Book [Starpulse]


By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Jealous girl

    Madonna is so incredibly lean…she makes me sick! It’s not that often you see a 50+ year old woman who’s had 2 kids with so little body fat. How does she do it????

  2. las

    Probably growth hormones. They eat fat and burn muscle. Probably lipo too.



  4. Rich People=Annoying

    Lourdes is going to be one of the most beautiful people in the world when she gets older. It is interesting how dark she is for a half white girl. She is ALL Cuban. Amazing. Madonna should of had that little boy with a dark person too and he would of been cuter. Mixed kids are always cute.

    However, it is ridiculous that Lourdes is “writing” a book. These rich kids think they can do anything, thanks to their parents, just because their rich. There are plenty of bright and talented kids who should be writing books but will NEVER get the change. Hell, there are a lof of adults who deserve the break to write a book adn they will NEVER get the chance. Whereas, cause Madonna is rich, she can do it all.

    That sucks.

  5. Gigi

    She’ll be cute when she grows up, but she better keep an electrolysis on stand by.

  6. kw

    madonna is 47 years old and i think she looks great. she still is selling out concerts..unlike the pop tarts of today! BRITNEY.

  7. las

    Well, Lourdes will write as much of this book as mommy did the previous ones. That is to say, she’ll have her name on the cover while some poor slob does the work.

  8. Panic McNeil

    Maybe in this book Madonna can explore her sexuality a bit more by making the girls experiment with lesbianism.

    I agree she’s on growth hormone. Look at her elbows, they are huge.

  9. katie

    She’s lean because she works out for 3 hours a day (that was out of HER mouth) pilates and cardio. Also, she eats only meals consisting of: fish, greens and grains. So, you’d be lean on that lifesteyle too. Hell, she even has a chef that travels everywhere to make her special food.

    BTW, I know all this b/c I just read an article on her yesterday.

  10. Cheryl

    Is Madonna no longer doing yoga? She’s pretty good at that too. She’s also doing some kind of heavy resistance training, because her arm muscles are too big to just be worked by cardio and pilates.

    Another lean one (not quite as muscular as Madonna) is Renee Zellweger. Not an ounce of fat anywhere. She’s a cardio fanatic (runner) who lives off Starbucks coffee. She just doesn’t eat.

    Janet Jackson also slims down by depending on a personal chef to create her healthy meals. Oh, the lucky Rich & Famous!

  11. las

    Katie, obviously if it was in an article, then it must be the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, and if Madonna says it, then she couldn’t POSSIBLY be lying or hiding anything.

    There are plenty of muscular, rail-thin women in Hollywood. But none of them have that frightening macho look that Madonna has. Growth hormones.

  12. HS Drop-out

    Why is she writing books? What qualifications does she have or her daughter have to write books? Oh, I know MONEY. So beware, instead of going to Harvard to study writing, just write cheesy songs that make millions and then you can write a book.

  13. katie

    Ias – you could be right. I know nothing about growth hormones. I just know that the woman works out like a fanatic and because I’m a personal trainer, I know that her body is possible with 3 hours a day of working out and monitored eating.

  14. Lourdes is incredible. She will be more talentuous than her mother !

  15. Susan

    It’s true that Hollywood has many rail-thin women such as Nicole Ritchie and Lara “thin” Boyle, but there is a BIG difference between looking skinny and looking lean and fit. Some skinny people actually have more body fat. Nicole Ritchie is NOT an avid exerciser. If she says she is, she’s lying. Her body has almost no muscle tone. Her arms look like toothpicks. Muscle gives the body better shape. When Jessica Simpson lost weight for her Dukes movie, she did it with exercise. She didn’t have that wasting look. Her body looked tight.

    I don’t believe Madonna uses hormones. I think she’s totally into a healthy lifestyle for her mind, spirit and body. Plus, she’s always been a dancer… my take on it.

  16. d. c.

    It all starts with a little worried question.. “Mommy, I am so troubled by rumors so.. why do people say… ?” and in a panic Madonna helps her write a book explaining why SHE is so rich, fine and unaccountable, SHE Can DO things and it’s ok.. change things, and it’s better, SAY things, and it’s only art, acting..

  17. d. c.

    here is her body/muscle sculpting machine..

  18. So what?

    D.C. #16 post: what the hell are you talking about? I don’t understand your post! Seriously…I am trying to follow the logic….

    Yeah, Lourdes can do anything cause she is rich but at the end of the day, I hope her mother explains to her there is a difference between having access to anything you want like writing a book and being truly talented. Being ABLE to have the luxury to write is no guarantee that you will be MARK TWAIN. Books don’t lie. She better be truly talented otherwise the money does not mean crap. These people need to teach their rich kids this lesson.

    I wish Paris Hilton’s mom had explained that to her a long time ago.

  19. tia

    I love Madonna. My niece really loved her book The English Roses. Anything this chick does im all for. So hate all you want guys. Madonna is the queen.

  20. Aimee

    For the record Madonna didn’t start off writing her music and I doubt she does now

  21. Rich

    to the person “Rich People=Annoying”,

    Mr. Stephen King is one of the most successful writers in America; when he published his first book, he was making very little money doing laundry and raising two kids—bottom line—being able to publish has nothing to do with being rich or poor, only determination, talent, and persistence. I am sick of people blaming rich kids for being rich, after all, it’s “not their fault” that they were born to rich parents. So if you are so annoyed by Madonna’s daughter publishing books, why don’t you write a book about how annoying it is? you will find out publishing for the average people is all about good work.

  22. really

    Who cares what they do as long as madonna doesn’t plagiarize, which she’s famous for doing. Must be nice to not have a concious. I wish i was narcissistic, i’d have it made!

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