Madonna And Lourdes Shake Things Up At Macy’s

It’s so lovely when business becomes a family affair…except in the case of the Lohans.

In this situation, Madonna, pictured in Miami with her Macy’s gear, and her daughter Lourdes are heading up a 1980s themed fashion line at Macy’s called Material Girl. Macy’s is in a bit of a stinker due to poor sales. Material Girl is an effort to catch the eye of Lourdes’ peers, that spend their parents’ hard-earned money at “fast fashion” stores like H&M and Forever 21.

Watch two videos featuring the collection after the jump.

Will Madonna and Lourdes be able to save Macy’s? Jeff Gennette, the chied merchandising officer for Macy’s thinks so, “She has a fashion credibility that is incredibly apparent to anybody”. If anybody can do it the Madge can.