Madonna Adoption Gets The Official Green Light

It’s official. Madonna will be adding a fourth child to her brood. No ifs, ands or legal buts about it.

Regardless of the chatter earlier this week that Madonna’s divorce and bed-hopping would hurt her chances of picking up another Malawian child, it seems the prodedure is well on it’s way.

Malawi Director of Child Welfare Services, Penstone Kilembe, told the adoption has been in the “advanced stages” for a while. Madonna is expected in court on Monday.

According to an official at the ministry of Gender and Child Development, Madonna’s assessment was completed yesterday.The three-year-old girl in question, Mercy James, is from Mchinji Home of Hope orphanage.

Let’s just hope Madge remedies that nanny situation sooner rather than later. She just needs to put “MUST NEVER QUIT” on the job application.

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