Guy Ritchie Just Wants To Go To The Pub

Man, does he look beaten down or what? It was bad enough when she was forcing him to direct her vanity projects. Now she’s dragging him to Israel so she can proclaim to the world that she’s a Jewish American Princess. And is that….is that Dawson? What the hell? Dawson’s into the Kaballah? It’s not helping with the post-Creek career, unfortunately. And where’s Demi? I see Ashton, he’s got that intense concentration look that’s very painful for him to maintain. But where’s the wife? Does Tel Aviv have incredibly expensive plastic surgery procedures?

Madonna toasted the Jewish new year with Israeli President Shimon Peres and declared herself an “ambassador for Judaism,” local newspapers reported Sunday.

The singer, who is not Jewish, arrived in Israel Wednesday on the eve of Jewish new year to attend a conference on Kabbalah or Jewish mysticism.

Rosie O’Donnell and Donna Karan were also up in the synagogue. Madonna allegedly told President Peres that all she hears from Hollywood celebs is how popular the Book of Splendor [the guiding text of Kabbalah] is. Really? Not coke and hookers? Well, she looks weirdly happy. And not in her usual condescending ice queen way. I guess this is her thing. It ain’t her husband’s, though. All he wants is a pint and enough about this bloody Jewish magic mess.


More photos of Madonna and Guy Ritchie in Israel after the jump.


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