Madonna’s Ass Refuses To Pay

May 30th, 2008 // 8 Comments

Dude, Grandma is ripped! And kind of aggressive. And she’s pissed off because a British film crew filmed the bathroom in her room at the Carlton Intercontinental hotel where she roomed during the Cannes Film Festival. WTF? OK, I know she’s a diva and that she’s got it in her contract that gets a new toilet seat everywhere she stays, but that filming business is kind of creepy.

As a protest for the privacy invasion, Madge is refusing to pay her $92,800 bill for her stay, which is probably less than she makes in the time it takes for her to take a piss.

But it is interesting that with as much mileage as the rest of Madonna’s body parts have seen, she’s grown particular in her older years with where she puts her ass. Her vagine used to be as sacred as a New York City bus stop.

Photos: Flynet Online

By Lisa Timmons

  1. green cardigan

    I don’t blame her. If you’re going to be forking out 92 grand for your room, you’d expect privacy for that price.

    Made in spite of her best efforts to constantly look edgy and cool ( ‘hard’ on the necklace, right on Madge, you overgrown teeny bopper) is starting to show the first signs of being a little old lady. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Those wrinkles on the arm holding the handbag look slightly scary. Her old muscles must be worn out from the never endling working out. If they had a vouice they’d probably scream ‘Jaysus Woman, would you ever lighten up, its not natural to be in a rock hard state for all eternity…’

  2. Terry

    Good for her. They should know better.

  3. lola

    Oh, please, Madge. Get over yourself and just pay the damn bill. Who cares where you parked your old ass?

  4. the phantom

    She demands 25% royalties on her shit.

  5. Zekers

    Christian Dior purse, biker gloves, tights, Lourdes’ dress and I could go in so many directions with the “HARD” pin…

    When she was young, I respected how she pushed the envelope with her fashion but she can’t carry it off anymore…please stop.

  6. tina

    She was always nothing more than a stripper! notice how she doesn’t let her kids even watch tv, but she is trying to sell the shit to the public! 2 face

  7. michelle

    Dye your roots woman!! Your hair looks like crap!

  8. zibex

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