Madonna Might Have to Return Her African Baby


The child welfare expert from the Malawi government, in charge of reviewing Madonna’s adoption of 23-month-old David Banda, has been taken off her case, amidst accusations that he’s allowed himself to become too personally involved. Penstone Kilembe was originally planning on making a trip to Britain to stay with the pop singer and her family for nearly a week, in order to monitor the progress of the adoption. However, Kilembe is now being accused of accepting money from the pop-star in order to travel to London, without first receiving the OK from the Malawi government. Kilembe, for his part, claims that he never asked Madonna to provide him with a plane ticket and believes the adoption will be come into jeopardy, should a different government representative be sent in his stead.

He claimed that the decision to exclude him from the final decision on whether or not Madonna is allowed to keep David may result in the child being sent back to Malawi.

“What this means is that the whole adoption process may crumble and David is sent back to his village,” he said.

This whole adoption has sounded suspect from the get-go. You just know Madonna is shaking her head and thinking, “I should have just gone with my gut from the beginning and bought the kid on eBay.”

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