Madonna Reminds Us She Adopted An African Baby

April 18th, 2008 // 6 Comments

Babies sell records, guys. At least, that’s what Ashlee Simpson and Madonna are hoping. Now, I’m not saying that’s the only reason Madonna is now being seen carrying around her Malawi-born son David in her arms, because I also bet that it’s good cardio/strength-training. Burning calories is a top priority, people! Time spent toting her kid around is time she could vibrating on her magical metal exercise plate!

The gang hit up the Italian restaurant San Lorenzo in London, where David looked unimpressed and Lourdes looked like she was revealing a glimpse of the party girl we’re all hoping she’ll grow up to be.


12 more photos of Madonna and her children are after the jump.

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By Lisa Timmons

  1. b.SophiaLoren

    Why is Madonna insisting on making Lourdes keep the unibrow? Is it because she demands there be no female better looking than her in her presence?
    Besides all that, the little boy looks hella big to be carryin’ around. Hernias are awesome!

  2. spaz

    TOTALLY with you on the unibrow thing, b.Sophia.

    I know she’s still a girl, but other girls her age can be cruel, and that brow needs some work.

  3. PierreG

    I have to agree with you both, that unibrow is downright scary and really ugly, Lourdes deserves better. I suspect that MaMomma is forbidding her from having it trimmed “because it’s natural”, brainwashing her that it “looks glamorous”, because “Mommy had one in the 1980′s”….can a mustache on that poor girl be far behind, also unable to be shorn because of a Mother’s stupid insistence? Or is Lourdes happy this way?

  4. spaz

    actually, pierre, she already does have the dreaded ‘stache. you can barely see it in these pics, but in others I’ve seen it quite clearly.

    I don’t get it…Madonna takes the girl for mani/pedis, but not for a wax?

  5. Baileys

    Why do I feel like Madonna is trying to play Angelina Jolie?
    Isn’t the baby a bit too big to be carrying around?

  6. tommigirl

    OMG!!! There is no way I would let my daughter walk around like that! money or no money, kids will make fun of her regardless of her status!Maybe Madonna is worried that her kid is gonna look better than she

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