Madonna’s Anti-Aging Taking a Toll on Her Shins?

This picture was taken of Madonna heading over to the gym from her house, which is only about a twenty-yard distance. The pop star purchased the house next to hers in London that cost over $11 million for the sole purpose of turning it into a personal gym. It’s believed that she hoped to annex the two properties to turn it into on giant Madonna Mansion, but as of yet, she’s still got to walk from home to the gym. But none of this explains what the hell happened to her shin.

First, crazy face-bruises and now weird leg marks. What the hell is going on with Madonna lately? Is torture the new yoga? Because it looks like Madge has been strapping herself into strange contraptions at the gym lately in what I’m guessing is an effort to burn more calories. In fact, I have a feeling part of her entourage includes an assistant whose job it is to exercise her arms and legs in her sleep, so that she doesn’t waste any precious moments of calorie-burning.

Photos: WENN

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