Madonna Giving Money Intended for Malawi Children to Kabbalah?

Madonna, seen here on a recent supposed humanitarian jaunt to Mumbai, is now being accused of pulling a some charity shenanigans involving UNICEF USA and Gucci. A fundraiser that was organized for Madge’s charity, Raising Malawi, is scheduled to be held Feb. 6th and is named “A Night to Benefit Raising Malawi and UNICEF” but as it turns out, it looks like the monies are simply going to be funneled to Madonna’s red-string-wearing religion Kabbalah. Allegedly, the funds are to be distributed to the Kabbalah gurus, the Berg Family, and the Kabbalah Center. This all sounds very sketchy and reportedly neither UNICEF nor Gucci knew of the money’s ultimate destination. According to a site for the organization, Raising Malawi is run by Spirituality for Kids and focuses on educating Malawi children the teachings of Kabbalah. Maybe I’m jumping to conclusions, but did anyone think to just, oh, I don’t know, FEED THE KIDS? For some reason, I suspect that starving African children are less interested in “finding themselves” than celebrities and aren’t nearly as concerned with avoiding carbs.

Photos: Bauer-Griffin Online

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