Madonna The Fairground Stripper Opens Hard Candy Fitness Club In Moscow [PHOTOS]

Yesterday (August 6th), Madonna took her fairground stripper ass to the Moscow opening of Hardy Candy fitness club, a luxury concept developed by the singer herself.  From reading Russia Beyond The Headlines, one can tell it may not be Madge’s most successful venture ever.

An annual membership costs between $1500-$5000, but Muscovite trainers warn that nothing extraordinary sets Hard Candy apart from others like it.  “No one is likely to pay that amount anywhere. Yet for Moscow that’s a normal price for an annual card. I think that in the United States a club that belongs to Madonna is more likely to repel people than attract them,” trainer Yevgeny Kolobkov told the site. “Everyone has different opportunities. Not everyone can maintain a staff of chefs and dieticians as Madonna does. So there will still be problems, and not everyone will get the results Madonna does: it just doesn’t happen.”

Hard Candy Moscow has six fitness studios, a pool, gym, a Russian sauna suite and a spa center. 

Irina Razumova, head of Hardy Candy Fitness Moscow, tried to convince potential clients that this is the gym to beat.  “We’re expecting that Madonna will hold her own lesson with the clients and the instructors,” she said.  “The concept for the club is that it offers more than 80 different types of training programs, including Madonna’s own program. You don’t have to purchase all the services offered by the club: you can choose what suits you best. The pricing is quite flexible.”

Hardy Candy gyms are also located in Mexico City and Santiago, Chile,  Plans for one in St. Petersburg are underway for an end-of-year opening.