Madonna Takes Extreme Sterilization Measures On MDNA Tour [PHOTOS]

Madonna Works The Crowd
Madonna does her thang onstage at the 2012 Super Bowl
“We have to take extreme care, like I have never seen for any other artist. We cannot even look at the dressing room after it is ready, or even open the door.” said a source to Daily Mirror.

Madonna kicked off her European Tour on May 31 in Tel Aviv and made her way to Coimbra, Portugal at the venue Estadio Cidade Coimbra yesterday (Jun 24).

Madonna performed on her latest tour called MDNA, a 2012 world tour. Madonna has set high standards for her extreme cleaning crew. Not an inkling of DNA evidence is to be left behind in her dressing room, not even an eyelash.

These precautions, as the source infers is meant to entrust a barrier of security between the 52-year-olds’ fans and the idol herself. “In the end, it is all to protect her and make her feel comfortable.”

Madonna’s last stop on the EU tour is in Nice, France on the Aug 21.

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