Madonna Takes A Shirtless Brahim Zaibat & A Bikini-Clad Lourdes Leon On A Swanky Vacay [PHOTOS]

August 26th, 2011 // 3 Comments

Madonna wants her skin to be fresh and supple (I just used the word “supple”) for her 24-year-old boyfriend, Brazilian model Brahim Zaibat.  Which is probably why she covered herself from head-to-toe while swimming in the Mediterranean with him and family members in Cap d’Antibes, France.

The gang, including Lourdes Leon, jumped off docks and rode jet skiis together, and we were treated to the shirtless spectacle that was Zaibat. Huzzah!  According to the Daily Mail, an insider told Star Magazine, “She’s proud of Brahim and sees no reason to keep their relationship on the down-low.”

PHOTOS: Brahim Zaibat Shows Off His Low-Key Style

“He isn’t deferential toward her and couldn’t care less about her fame. He treats her like a woman, not a celebrity,” the insider added.  “She says Brahim is like someone she met in another lifetime. Everything between them just clicks.”

By Kelly Lynch

  1. andy

    fascinating isn’t it.24 and on holiday with the grand tart.i hope he gets murdered!!

  2. bigfun

    either he is one lucky boy or she needs her head check cause that is just nasty nothing like having sex with a guy that is only a few years older then your daughter and son damn madonna i grew up listing to your music and now your dating guys 30 years younger then u r talk about walking around school yards looking for a boy to go out with

  3. bigfun

    madonna needs help that is sad an pathetic dating some one that is 30 years younger then she is when she dont have a problem getting a guy a lot closer to her own age hope she makes him singe a pre-nup cause u know all he is looking at is her money and getting his family to the states he wants that green card

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