Madonna Shows Off Her New Gym

Madonna opened the doors of her Hard Candy Fitness gym yesterday to show off what she has to offer. Mostly, the walls look to be lined with pictures of herself  – duh – and quippy phrases are all over the place like “Harder is better.” It seems she’s been involved in every step of the development as well, picking graphics, colors, machines, floor tile and even class choreography.

The 52-year-old is known for being a crazy health and physical fitness fanatic and wanted to inspired others to push (or punish) themselves as much as she has…

Madonna is set to cut the ribbon in the coming weeks, then teach a dance class for 20 hand-picked members with music by Paul Oakenfold, the DJ who opened her last tour.

“Our plan is to use Mexico as a place to fine-tune our brand and then expand it to other countries and, in the long term, develop a global brand that includes the United States,” she said, noting that Mexico is close enough to home for her to be heavily involved.

The 30,000-square-foot building is located in the city’s upscale Bosques de las Lomas neighborhood.

Membership runs about $160 a month, generally in line with what the best gyms charge in Mexico City but there is a one-time fee for joining that runs you $830, which includes the first two months of membership.

Guess we’ll see if people get into the groove of paying that kind of money for a gym membership…