Madonna Shows Off Diamond Grill While Playing Paintball With Beau & Children

Madonna's Mouth
Miss Madge Has Some Opinions & Is Not Afraid To Share
Grills should have been abolished a long time ago.

But nope, apparently a lot of celebrities think it’s cool to look like you have gunk in your teeth.

Madonna wore a gold grill in her mouth as she, her boyfriend, Brahim Zaibat and three of her children, Lourdes, Rocco and David Banda played a round of paintball in the South of France on August 11, 2013. 

The group went all out and wore camouflage jumpsuits to go with their guns and grills.

They all celebrated Rocco’s 13th birthday the best way to celebrate a birthday–by shooting your family with paint!

Not going to lie, Madonna looks like a super cool mother that the grill might actually be forgiven…