Madonna Releases ‘Girl Gone Wild’ Video

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Madonna has premiered the video for her latest single, “Girl Gone Wild” directed by fashion photographers Mert and Marcus.

The video, reminiscent of her 1990 “Vogue” video, sees the star perform with a troupe of dancers and is shot in black and white. At one point the pop icon can be seen enjoying an embrace with several topless and oiled up young men (from the group Kazaky), who later dance around in just leggings and stilettos.

The track, the second release from her forthcoming ‘MDNA’ album is available for download.

Reaction from fans online has been mixed, with one commenting: “Wow. This has got to be, hands down, the single most blatantly homoerotic video Madonna’s ever done – and considering her videography, that sure is saying a lot.”

While another was less impressed: “I listened to her new album… I’m so disappointed… Finally I see this, and think Madonna has no more creativity.”