Madonna Preps For Paris Show, Refuses To Apologize For Using Swastika [PHOTOS]

Madonna headed to her Paris show today amidst the controversial story concerning her use of a swastika superimposed on the face of French National Front Leader Marine Le Pen, according to the Huffington Post.  It was apparently there to show “the intolerance human beings have for one another.”

“I always like to tell a story,” Madonna told Brazilian tv show.   “Music should be about ideas, right? Ideas inspire music.”  Madge been quite controversial as of late.  She refused to stop using guns as part of her show after the Aurora, Colorado shootings and gave a little wink to the use of ecstasy at Miami’s Ultra Music Festival (“how many of you have seen Molly?”).

Newsflash: Madonna is a pain in the ass and she’s not going to apology for being inappropriate.