Madonna Pisses Off Other Passengers With Yoga On A Plane

Madonna’s in the aisle yoga antics were apparently to much for other passengers on a recent flight with the pop diva to bear. Oh, and the fact that she was allowed to deplane two hours earlier than all the other passengers.

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Here’s what happened according to the Daily Mail:

According to fellow passengers in upper class, Madonna and her entourage were allowed off first and whisked away by bus to the terminal two hours before everyone else. But not before she handed out some impromptu in-flight entertainment.

Says one passenger: ‘It was bad enough having to wait, but then she started doing her yoga (apparently it’s a type of yoga only she can do) in the aisles. After about an hour, a bus came along and took her and her party of about 15 off the plane. It seemed a ­little unfair — it’s not like she is the President or anything. The rest of us all had to wait for another two hours.

‘If the plane had taken off on time, it would have made it to Heathrow an hour before the runways were closed at 11.30am and so would never have needed to be diverted.’

Madonna, seen here leaving Wolseley restaurant in London after a dinner date with her French break dancer boyfriend Brahim Zaibat, and her party apparently took up the first class cabin, so that was really the reason they got to leave the plane earlier. Isn’t air travel fun?