Madonna & Her Boy Toy Brahim Zaibat Have Officially Split, Let’s Guess Random Reasons Why

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Honestly, I’m surprised they lasted this long.

Word has come through the Gossip Cop pipe line that Madonna and her boyfriend of 3 years Brahim Zaibat have officially called it quits. But, Madonna’s reps declined to comment on why the couple broke up.

So we’ve taken it upon ourselves to list a few reasons why Madge and Brahim are dunzo. 

1) The age difference of 27 years finally got to be too much for them.

2) Madonna came to the realization that she needs to take some time for herself, Kabbalah and some yoga. Or Pilates. She is not satisfied.

3) Madonna and her ex-husband Sean Penn have decided to rekindle their romance after a quarter of a century apart. Don’t laugh, it could be real.

4) Brahim had had enough of Madonna’s faux-British accent.

5) They figured out that I finally remembered how to spell Brahim Zaibat and have broken up just to spite me.

It’s clearly the last option. Clearly! Well folks, break-ups are always hard, so we’re wishing both Madonna and Brahim the best. Why do you think they finally called it quits? Leave us your guess in the comments! The best one wins a prize! (Please note there will be no actual prize.)