Madonna Hangs Out With Brahim Zaibat’s Abs After A Kabbalah Costume Party [PHOTOS]

Madonna's Mouth
Miss Madge Has Some Opinions & Is Not Afraid To Share
Ladies and gentlemen, check out Madonna and Brahim Zaibat’s Purim costumes!

No idea what they’re supposed to be, but that wig looks quite good on Miss Madonna. The Material Girl herself was spotted leaving a Purim party at her local Kabbalah center Saturday night with boyfriend Brahim and kids David and Mercy in tow. David was a dinosaur for the costume event, while Mercy sported a princess dress. Adorable.

Also, other than showing off his abs, what is exactly is Brahim doing in that costume? I don’t really get the blonde wig. Please, other thinking that maybe Madonna is supposed to be Edith Head, I’m lost. Anyone got a costume clue? 

Also also! Did you know that Madonna’s super close to getting her Instagram account shut down? It’s true! Apparently Madonna is still too racy for some folks.

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of the costumed family. And really, if you know what Madonna and Brahim are, let us know in the comments!