Madonna Finds Herself Blacklisted From ‘Ab Fab’ [VIDEO]

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Eddy and Pats spend like mad in London.
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Miss Madge Has Some Opinions & Is Not Afraid To Share
Pillow Face McGee Madonna is not welcome to guest star on Absolutely Fabulous.  Ever.

“We have had loads of celebrities who have said no to us, but always Madonna. Madonna is the bane of our lives,” Jennifer Saunders reportedly said, according to Female First.  “In fact even if she said yes now we would have to turn her down. Madonna has always said no – and so are we.”

Saunders and co-star Joanna Lumley are currently working on a movie version of the hit BBC comedy, and will premiere a special Olympic episode in the UK:

As the sound of the approaching Olympiad reaches decibel deafening proportions Eddy is surprised that it is all about to start. She has rented out her house to a Hollywood A-lister, but she is still living in it, as is her daughter (Julia Sawalha), her mother (June Whitfield) and her assistant Bubble (Jane Horrocks). 

Patsy tries to get into Eddy ’s body-suit to look suitably great for the A listers, with disastrous results. Health professionals are summoned. Eddy feels that doors are closing on her, that age is catching up with her, that invitations are not coming her way anymore and that Stella McCartney’s shop is closed to her. Then to add to her depression Bo and Marshall (her ex-husband played by Chris Ryan and his US girlfriend played by Mo Gaffney) arrive to stay for the Games. Things can only get worse…

After their triumphant reunion at Christmas on BBC One, Eddy and Patsy return. Somehow before the flame has been lit they will end up running for glory inside the Olympic stadium and crash a reception for the likes of Dame Tanni Grey Thompson, Dame Kelly Holmes, and Stella McCartney herself.

No confirmation on a premiere date in the US yet, but catch the preview below.