Madonna & Family Get Their Kabbalah On, Wants To Get Into Indian Music

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Today was a Kabbalah filled day for the family de la Madonna

Madge, Rocco, David, Mercy and Lourdes were spotted leaving the Kabbalah Center in New York after what we can only assume was a stimulating morning service.

Sadly Madonna didn’t have any man friends with her. When was the last time she dated someone? It was the French guy, right? So many men, so little time. Also, what’s all this with Madonna wanting to get into India music?

According to reports, Madonna’s new dream is to work with composer A.R. Rahman. She was quoted as saying:

I would like to work with him when the opportunity comes, and things work out. Only then we will be able to decide on the music. I haven’t heard a lot of Indian music, but I’m familiar with it.

Well, that sounds like a good enough reason to us. What do you guys think? Should they make beautiful music together?