Madonna Dresses Like An East Coast Girl While In Los Angeles

Over in NYC right now, it’s below zero and residents are wearing as many layers as they can fit onto their bodies. Over here in Los Angeles, it’s warm, sunny, and we’re wearing…heavy coats? Wait, what?

Madonna was seen leaving a studio in Los Angeles today wearing pink sweats, a puffy black coat, and a black beanie. Really, Madonna? It’s definitely not that cold out. Think of all the poor unfortunate souls on the east coat right now. Give them your warm clothes and break out the shorts and bikini tops instead. Why would you ever want anything different?

Speaking of crazy outfit antics, did you hear about Madonna’s Star-studded Oscars party? Madonna threw an Oscar party to rival even the swankiest of celebrations, and she changed outfits twice during the festivities. She was also constantly covered in diamonds. What a Material Girl (just couldn’t help myself).

The party was well attended by a host of our favorite celebs, including Ellen Degeneres, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, and even Madonna’s ex Sean Penn and his new girl Charlize Theron. Sounds like quite a party.

If the parties just keep getting better and more fabulous every year, I would be 100% ok with that.