Madonna Dresses Her Age For Date With Boy Toy Brahim Zaibat [PHOTOS]

When she’s not exposing her nipples, Madonna can acting act her age. Madonna and her boyfriend Brahim Zaibat are seen here out for dinner at the restaurant, Molto in Rome this past Sunday (June 10, 2012).

The war of words is heating up between Madonna and Lady Gaga. In a rather abrupt break during her concert in Auckland, New Zealand last Thursday, the ‘Judas’ singer ranted in front of her fans about what appeared to be an indirect reply to Madonna, the Hollywood Reporter said.

“It sometimes makes people feel better about themselves to put other people down or make fun of them or maybe make mockery of their work. And that doesn’t make me feel good at all. That just makes me feel like I’m not being a good human being… I don’t even want to fight back because it’s more important to me to keep writing music,” Gaga said in the middle of her performance of “Hair”. 

“Because that’s really all I care about, is the music… things are really different than they were 25 years ago, and that’s what makes “Born This Way” so relevant for me. We’re socially in a different place and it’s OK, we don’t have to all slice and hate each other anymore,” she added.

Recently, Madonna mashed up Gaga’s hit single “Born This Way” with her own 1989 song “Express Yourself'” during the Tel Aviv concert of her MDNA tour. At the end of the performance, Madge shouted to her fans, “She’s not me!”, without mentioning who her target was.