Madonna Does Yoga & Pilates, Do You Think She’s Satisfied?

Madonna's Reddit AMA
5 things we learned from Madonna's Ask Me Anything.
Do you guys remember where that’s from? Hopefully Madonna singing “American Life” will ring a bell.

The Material Girl was spotted in Los Angeles today leaving the gym with the help of a mystery friend. I guess that leg of hers hasn’t completely healed yet.

Although it seemed fine as she performed with Miley Cyrus last night for Miley’s MTV Unplugged. I’m sure you’ve all read my thoughts on that already. You know, I don’t know how I feel about Madonna anymore. 

She really seems like she’s trying to cling on to a youth that no longer wants her. Is that too mean? Maybe. But she’s a serial boy-toy dater, and she keeps finding these young singer and vaguely latching on to them–see Britney Spears2003.

I have a lot of opinions of Madonna right now, but we’ll get to all of them another time. For now, launch the gallery and check out all the photos of Madonna being helped around. Also, her hat says, “Commes Des FuckDown”. I love that.