Madonna Covers Her Face While Out With Boy Toy Brahim Zaibat, Her Kids Spend Time By The Pool [PHOTOS]

Madonna took a walk with her hot, much younger, boyfriend Brahim Zaibat on Sunday with a scarf covering her face! The Queen of Pop shared a romantic dinner with her boy toy and later decided to go incognito for the paparazzi!

Meanwhile, Madonna’s children, David Banda and Mercy James, enjoyed a day at the pool with their nanny. The singer is in Miami for her last MDNA tour concert in North America.

As the 54-year-old is finishing her seven-month her tour in South America, she is arguably in the best shape of her life. This is all thanks to her private trainer Nicole Winhoffer. Nicole revealed to Healthy Hollywood, that her and Madonna have a rigorous work out routine to keep the singer in in shape and ready to perform!

For great tips on getting a great bod, make sure to keep reading.

1. Chair Hops: Stand facing the chair. Keep lightness in the feet and gently hop off the floor to warm up the ankles, knees, and body. Place right ball of foot on seat of chair, arms in running stance. Quickly shift weight and legs to left ball of foot on seat, right foot on floor. The switches should be sharp and quick. Keep a lightness in the feet and a light bounce. This is a great exercise to get rid of cellulite!

2. Open Arm Arch: Stand feet hip-width apart. Palm of hands on seat of chair. Side lunge to the right and bend right knee. Simultaneously open right arm to the ceiling and open chest. Pulse 4x. Repeat 16x then repeat on the left.

3. Triple Angle Butt Shaper: Face the seat of the chair. Place hands firmly on the seat bringing you to a flat back; feet should be under the hips. Angle #1 – Bring Right knee in parallel and extend to arabesque directly behind you. Repeat 16X. Angle #2 Open Right knee to shoulder and over cross extend to arabesque. Repeat 16X. Angle #3 – Invert Right knee into chest and extend out to 45 degree angle with heel up toward ceiling. Repeat 16X. Change legs and repeat all 3 angles and reps on left leg.