Madonna Makes Unauthorized Changes To Her African School

Oh Madonna! The music maven sure knows how to piss people off doing things her way. Recently, she delayed passengers on her flight from exiting the plane by doing yoga for an hour. And now she is making unauthorized changes to her own ‘Raising Malawi Academy for Girls’ in Africa. Madonna has adopted two children from Africa and so its only natural she would build a school or several of them without telling anyone.

“I realise[sic] that the plans we had in place for the Raising Malawi Academy for Girls simply would not serve enough children,” said Madonna.

That is all fine and great, but the local government is not too happy about staying in the dark concerning Madonna’s building plans.

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“We’d like to know why she has changed (her plans). Yes, we do appreciate that it is her project; she devised it and she knows best how to implement it. But still, as government, we’d be interested to know why there is this change.

Seen here, Madonna attends the first brick laying of the ‘Raising Malawi Academy for Girls’ on April 6th 2010, in Malawi. We all know what a great influence this lady is for young girls and kids! I can’t imagine the impact these schools will have on the fashion in the African nation.