Madonna: 2013 Met Ball

Katy Perry 2013 Met Ball
Katy in Dolce & Gabbana at the 2013 Met Ball.
Of course Madonna would wear an outfit like this to the the Met Ball with a theme like Punk: Chaos to Couture.

I won’t lie, Madonna might actually be beating Hailee Steinfeld as my favorite person of the night. Madonna really took the whole punk thing to heart as she wore a funky plaid jacket, covered in studs and chains, that she paired with fishnets a hot pink pumps.

Madonna’s outfit comes from the ever clever mind of Givenchy, while her hot pink shoes are Casadei. No idea where the black bob came from, but it’s gotta be a wig, right? 

Also, can anyone believe that Madonna is 54? No way does her body look like that of a 54-year-old. Also, I don’t know many folks out of their teens who would wear an outfit like that. I feel like this punk theme has really given folks a chance to get to their 80s roots and we know Madonna has got plenty of those!

Check out all the photos of the Material Girl in the gallery! Are you loving her outfit as much as I am, or do wish she’d gone with some more…normal? Sound off in the comments!