Madge’s Parenting Skills to Be Examined By People Who Probably Should Be Focusing On the Country-Wide Plauge Going On Around Them

Fox News is reporting that a judge has ruled that human rights organizations will help decide whether or not Madge can get her new kid.

Judge Andrew Nyirenda ruled in favor of a coalition of 67 Malawian human rights and child advocacy groups who want to be party to the assessment of the pop singer’s fitness as a mother and to review Malawi’s adoption procedures.

Nyirenda on Oct. 12 granted Madonna and her filmmaker husband Guy Ritchie an interim order allowing them to take initial custody of 14-month-old David Banda. Malawi regulations stipulate that prospective parents undergo an 18-to-24 month assessment period in Malawi, but Madonna was allowed to take the boy to her London home soon after receiving the interim order.

The rights groups were concerned that the government cut legal corners to “fast-track” the adoption, and said regulations must be followed to protect children.

“I believe the applicants mean well and this court will certainly benefit from the applicants researched opinions,” he said in his ruling.

What is going on here? I know it reeked of a PR stunt to me at first, but I guess she’s serious and trying to do a good thing. Who am I kidding – I saw her show on NBC and I was besotted with Madge magic once again and I think she should be allowed to adopt anyone’s baby. I’m such a whore for her. But, it’s not like Lourdes has penned some kind of “Madge Abused Me” tome which would give them pause. What gives? The little bastard’s gonna be living the high life. He just needs to shield his eyes from when his Mom thrusts her muscular and veiny boobs into cone bras and shit.

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