Madge Isn’t a Scientist

When I need scientific expertise, I turn to Madonna. People are concerned that others might be as f*cking stupid as I am, so they are speaking out to warn the public that she’s not a scientist. This is bullshit because I think she discovered radium or something.

Madonna has been criticised for making ill-informed comments about scientific matters – and has been told to “check her facts” in the future. The star has been named as a factual offender by charity Sense About Science, which is warning that celebrity-backed theories and therapies often make no scientific sense, and as such, should be interpreted with caution by the public. The Material Girl was singled out for criticism over her thoughts on the need to develop a means of “neutralising radiation” – which is impossible.

More on Madonna’s lack of science knowledge after the jump.

Madonna Isn’t A Scientist [Contact Music]


But the charity is offering a lifeline to the offending stars by setting up a helpline offering advice from experts to ensure scientific accuracy before they speak out in support of any campaigns. TRACEY BROWN, director of the charity says, “We know some people aren’t interested in good science or evidence. “We are equally sure some (stars) will be glad to talk through claims they are asked to front, because they take their impact seriously. But it’s not been obvious where to go for that. Other stars named and shamed by Sense About Science include SIR PAUL MCCARTNEY’s estranged wife HEATHER MILLS and British actress JULIET STEPHENSON.

Rather than radiation, I think we need to be neutralising some people. Permanently.

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