Maddox Jolie-Pitt Addresses The Paparazzi

January 26th, 2006 // 81 Comments

That would be Maddox‘s version of “giving the finger.”

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. tellitlikeitis

    What do you expect from a tacky ass, husband stealing, lesbian du jour former drug addict’s son??? a wave and a smile… hell no! We’re lucky all is does in stick his tongue out…. in his teen years his Mom will teach him how to cut himself and how to make out oin public with Zahara…

  2. Back Sass

    I think Angelina should send him back to Cambodia and exchange him for a kid with less attitude. He won’t be copping an attitude after working 16 hours a day in a rice paddy and eating fish heads

  3. someone has a case of the mondays...

    um… i am still confused on this whole situation… am i missing something… anyways, it looks to me that brad is actually whispering in is ear to stick his tongue out… hmmm… conspiracy… :o)

  4. ThrillKill

    Hmmm…the kid is actin’ like a kid… Startling! Even if it is Brad putting him up to it, it makes for better paparazzi shots that Linsey Lohan flashing a peace sign they trying to cover her face…again.

  5. Awwwww

    Maddox is adorable and obviously quite aware of his surroundings. Which is more than I can say fro many of you.

    Stop the jealousy!

  6. Not awwww

    I would think it’s obnoxious coming from any kid… Nothing wrong with being a kid, but being a brat is another thing. Every picture I see of him, he’s sticking out his tongue or making a face. Teach the kid some manners.

  7. balcksunshine

    he’s a kid, let him be!
    he is too adorable…

  8. flower girl

    posters #1 and #2: i cannot believe your comments. send him back to a rice paddy to work 16 hours and he will be making out with his sister? wow, even if joking, you put out such negative energy like that and you will be getting that back. you are wishing hard labor on a 4 year old for sticking his tongue out? do you know any 4 year olds? cause that is what they do.

    also, imagine having paparazzi waiting by your door, at your school, at every step you make to take your photos? imagine what that must feel like for a 4 year old? my little nephew hates taking his photo – he’d rather eat twinkies or something. this is a 4 year old so leave maddox alone. you all are so mean and your true colors come out because the minute maddox acts naughty like any 4 year old does – you pick on his nationality as a cambodian. you guys are the real asses.

  9. lollipop

    YEAH, FLOWER GIRL!!!! couldn’t have said it better myself. whatta couple of small-minded dorks…

  10. Kelsey

    Go Flower-Girl!!
    I can’t believe someone would wish that on a 4 year old. Mad is a seriosuly cute kid who is not aware of this Brangelina crap, he did nothing to you and he’s got flashbulbs in his face every 30 seconds. he’s pretty damn cute and good natured i’d say!

  11. A Patriotic American

    Plenty of kids work in rice paddies and you don’t see them sticking their tongues out. I’m just saying that there is something about back-breaking manual labor that kids in America could benefit from.

  12. Cheryl

    I am not a big fan of Brangelina either, but Maddox is cute! How would you feel if you kept seeing all the photographers and you knew that they bothered your mother all the time?

    I know that it’s not the best thing for a kid to do, and I would probably tell my own son to stop. But then again, he is probably doing what his mother would like to do if she could.

  13. Holt

    Back Sass should go back to the strip mall and stay there.

  14. BlazerMary

    The poor child is probably jet-lagged. Jet lag is hard enough for adults, but it’s worse for kids.

    They drag these kids around like Louis Vuitton bags. Kids that age need a little more stability than being in Haiti one week, LA for a day or two, then off to London for a day. That’s almost child cruelty.

    I know the paparazzi stalk Brad & Angelina, but all this all these public pictures of the children set them up for some lunatic kidnapper.

  15. Back Sass

    Holt: When your break is over, they need another box of McNuggets out of the freezer

  16. Awwwwwww

    Jesus some of you are true dumbfucks.

    What do you think YOU would do if you were CONSTANTLY followed around by crazed wolves (paparazzi)? You’d get real pissed, real quick.

    I love how people forget that being followed for pictures 24 hours a day SUCKS ASS. And You all play a part in it by continuing to read this socialite’s blog, buying the stupid magazines as purposeless escapes from your own problems you don’t want to address. Myself included.

    Again small-minded and jealous you all are.

  17. tellitlikeitis

    Oh my God Flower Girl are you for real… your reading a celebrity gossip blog and you have the nerve to come here and preach about the effects of speaking negatively about others… you have got to be kidding. All things said here are in jest and if your taking them to heart like that maybe you should go on a religious blog and talk about rainbows and puppies… give me a f*ing break…

  18. tellitlikeitis

    It’s been said already and I’ll say it again – when you go into the limelight these are the consequences you have to accept – being floowed around all day by photographers. You don’t see Reese’s kids acting out like this. Children are a product of their environment and if Brad is indeed coaxing Maddox to act like that to the papps than they have to accept all of the negative backlash that comes with it. These celebs want to be left alone except when they have a movie to promote – please they are all selfish hollywood whores.

  19. Kelsey

    Hey tellit
    you probably acted like a little brat when you were that age too….cuz u are sure acting like a brat now. Shut the hell up

  20. Unknown

    Amen, tellitlikeitis!

  21. MissNee

    Back Sass: you just say whatever pops into that empty skull of yours, don’t you? it’s ok, but next time keep your racist comments to yourself. i bet you’re the pride of the family.

  22. Kelsey

    Oh yeah and btw? Jolie and Pitt got into the limelight, not the kids. They didn’t ask for it. They are only responding to their surroudings…god some of u posters are idiots

  23. MIssNee

    OMG Maddox is sticking his tongue out at the paparazzi. WHAT A FUCKING TERROR THAT CHILD IS!!!!! Christ….

  24. tellitlikeitis

    Kelsey your the idiot for taking this so much to heart… are you realted to Bradgelina? Oh my gad if so, it is a boy or a girl?… grow up sweetie.

  25. Holt

    Pride of the family? Unfortunately Back Sass don’t know who its daddy be.

  26. Girly Girl

    Maybe Maddox is singing the ‘I Stick My Tongue Out And Spit On You’ song? I think its Cambodian… quite popular in some of the mroe rural provinces… usually followed by a rousing version of ‘Screw You I’m 3 and Have More Money Than Any of You Ass Clowns Will Make in Your Lifetimes.’

    P.S. For all of you volleying shots back and forth about whether Mad is an angel or a monster- chill out. Remember where you are. You want to say and prayer and light a candle for the Jolie-Pitt trainwreck, go to mass. Otherwise, lighten up. You’re bringing the room down…

  27. Green Eyed Angel

    1. Please stop attacking each other, I for one would not like to go back to registering to post.
    2. This blog is for fun, anyone who’s getting serioulsy offended, like said before, go on another site and post.
    3. Kids are terrors, that’s just what they do. If you don’t like it, don’t have them… like me:O)

  28. tell it like it should be

    tellitlikeitis: you are a moron. brangelina do not ask for their private lives to be scrutinized. publicity for films is ok but why should they have to expose their souls just cause they are movie stars. you are a moron! i ithink flower girl is right and one of the nicer posters on this circus. tellitlikeitis – stop posting moron!

  29. tellitlikeitis

    I’m confused by why when I express an oponion about celebrities on a gossip blog I get called a moron and idiot – all I have to say is go to hell all of you narrow minded HS educated idiots who can’t take an opinion for what’s it’s worth. You come here and talk about celebrities like they are your family… please the more papp exposure these celebs get higher pay checks they get. So I’m leaving this board and sticking to Gawker and Defamer where at least the posters are more intellictual and respect everyone’s opinions. Oh Kelsey and Tell It Like it should be – bite me…. there’s some lingo that’s about your speed.

  30. lollipop

    HA HA HA!!! tellitlikeitis, you are funny!! keep going!! don’t stop posting!! i love how EDUCATED and SARCASTIC you are!!! so WITTY!!! YAY!!

  31. Smuthound1

    Why all of the hate, you people need to be more open minded. I’m sitting here laughing about how worked up people get defending these celebs… they love the attention and by dragging your kids out with you they are going to get exposure. As long as the kids are not in danger – what’s the prob with them getting their pics taken. A good parent would explain to them what’s going on and cutie Maddox seems way ahead of the curve so he knows the deal… awwww tellitlikeitis – come back… your right susta/brotha… :)

  32. gawkyca

    He looks just like my turtle Action Jackson. No offense intended.

  33. Back Sass

    All I’m saying is that rice doesn’t pick itself.

  34. i'mamama2

    how would “patriotic american” know if rice-paddy picking kids in cambodia stick their tongues out or not? have you traveled to that country as Mad and his mom have to help others in need? i doubt it.

    and to everybody else who only have mean things to say, you’re just bullies who are beneath those who do good for others.

  35. celebstalker

    Back Sass I am ROLF – u rock! kudos to you and tellitlikeitis for speaking up all of these posters think maybe Brad and Angie read this and will love them for sticking up for them. This site is all in good fun. LOL!!!!

  36. MissNee

    I could care less if anyone talks shit about brad and angelina, my problem is the racist comment. it’s uncalled for.

  37. MommyofL&L

    Thank you all for ending my day with a laugh!

  38. Shut-UP

    O.K. People his 4 years old. Enough said. Enough with the biching already I thought we are all here to talk about Bradgelina. Just a thought I would rather talk and flame people who make a whole lot of money than I do and get to fly around the world on a whim than be bishing at a complete stranger. NOW lets get back to Brangelina. Yes it does look like Brad told him to do it, I would too.. Long live Brangelina!

  39. BoutrosBoutrosGhali

    This is a BLOG. Not People or US Weekly.

    We are here to SNARK in jest of course. It is so entertaining to read.

    Snark on!

    Enjoyed it, Back Sass!

  40. tell it like it should be

    tellitlikeitis #29 post: you spelled “intellectual” incorrectly. i guess you’re not so Harvard bound after all, huh?

  41. Back Sass

    How is it racist to say people pick rice in Cambodia? We’re so quick to yell racism when someone states a fact. Its not a perjorative to pick rice or to suggest that Maddox’s tiny fingers would be well suited to picking up tiny grains of rice. My only point is that kids today need more discipline and if more kids – Cambodian or normal US kids – learned what a hard day’s work meant, they would be less likely to stick their tongues out at well-meaning paparazzi

  42. mischa

    I feel like a little steamed rice for dinner. Anyone else???

  43. CoolToTheEnd

    Don’t these kids know how to walk? He carries them everywhere. When will they start using their own legs? Does he think the “daddy” who carries, cares?

    He (Pitt) is a brain dead zombie, schleping the bimbos kids from one country to another. What a loser he has become. Jennifer is better off without the dolt.

  44. Back Sass' Shrink Resigns cause Back Sass Can't Be Helped

    backsass, your comment was not as racist as it was just plain dumb, moronic and stupid. that’s all. how does working in a rice paddy help a 4 yr old who sticks out his tongue? and if you did not mean to offend his Cambodian heritage then why use the rice paddy as an example? why not say, kids should be sent to a homeless shelter to clean floors as punishment? something more specific to his being an american? why pick a punishment that is so specifically of the asian culture?

    i know why. cause you meant to be offensive and now you’re backpeddling. nice job loser.

  45. Jennifer Aniston

    Gee, I don’t even give this much of an F.

  46. Back Sass

    Here is my logic:
    1. A lot of people eat rice
    2. Rice doesn’t pick itself, people need to pick it
    3. Cambodian probably know more about picking rice than French or Germans.
    4. Maddox is Cambodian
    5. Why should well behaved Cambodian kids pick rice when poorly behaved Cambodian kids – like Maddox – could do as good of a job.
    Do you really want to punish great Cambodian kids when other kids could benefit from some good old manual labor?
    Maybe Angelina should rotate her Cambodian kids and if they misbehave, she could exchange them for a kid whose done a real good job picking rice or is a great kid.

  47. ThrillKill

    Anyone think there’s any chance one (or more) of the photographers were making faces at him? Anyone think they damn-sure-skippy will be from now on?

  48. Nice Rack

    Oh, I see. Back Sass just wants attention. Let’s all ignore him/her and talk about more interesting things. Why can’t Brad be holding me instead? Love Brangelina. They are wonderful.

  49. Back Sass

    Oooh, Brad is so dreamy. Maddox is so cute. Giggle. Giggle


    Nice Rack – is your life so empty that you have to live through celebrities who wouldn’t bother to piss on you if you were on fire?

    As for Angelina, what kind of mother lets her child play with a monkey? Maddox could be bitten!

  50. lollipop

    BACK SASS = REALLY MORONIC. (sorry to be negative, but you are really tremendously silly.)

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