Madame Tussaud’s Misses The Mark With Robert Pattinson (Again)

At first glance I thought the wax figure unveiled today at Madam Tussaud’s in D.C. was of David Duchovny.  Nay, instead it was a piss-poor replica of our beloved Robert Pattinson, and this one seems worse than what Berlin’s outpost has to offer.  Did Mattel make this?  And why is waxy Pattinson perspiring?

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On an even sadder note, MT unveiled what they interpret to be a perfectly fine wax figure of Diana, Princess Of Wales.  Hells no!  The nose is all wrong, making her look like an office assistant from middle America.   Aren’t these museums suppose to capture the very likeness of our favorite celebs?  Downgrade, Madame Tussaud’s!