Mad Men Recap: Who Is Don Draper?

Last night was the season premiere of AMC’s Mad Men. After last season, when Betty finally left Don because he was sleeping with anything that moved, I went all woman’s lib and rooted her on. That was until I found out that Betty Draper a.k.a. hot ass January Jones, was doing some old crusty dude instead. It all ended with Don Draper breaking Sterling Cooper away from their British counterparts and moving their new office to a hotel room.

Its one year later and our favorite advertising man is being asked by a reporter from the Wall Street Journal, Who is Don Draper? Something we as viewers have been wondering for four seasons. But even Don can’t answer the question. Here is why: His life is completely different than it was in season one. The once sure, suave confidence man is now on his own, with every move he makes riding on his shoulders and no family facade to back it up. There is no one to point fingers at if the shit hits the fan. And also, mid-westerners don’t like talking about themselves.

The new Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce headquarters kicks total ass. There is more gaudy orange, bright mustard yellows and olive greens than ever before. Who wouldn’t love owning half the furniture on set? Some things are the same, Joan Holloway is still the sexiest thing on television and she didn’t disappoint me in the dress department with her sailor-esque navy blue number. Betty Draper used to be competition but this season, she and Peggy are runners up for the worst hair style. I don’t care if its 60’s authentic, its got to go.

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Betty is still being bitchy to Sally, not letting her make calls to
dad. Creepy old dude takes them to Thanksgiving dinner only to find out
what we’ve been routing for since day one, Sally is a truth teller and
she isn’t putting up with any bull. She has been a pain in her parents
side since birth and I know I can always count on her to call the bullshit rule or spit out her yams onto the table in a disgusting fashion. Don
does redeem himself by letting Betty live in his house for awhile. For
the life of me, I can’t understand why someone would need a maid in a
1000 square foot apartment, but that’s Draper for you. The ladies man
went on a date with some airhead, but opted for a call girl instead of
the usual turkey dinner. In the end, Don went ape shit on some
stick-in-the-mud clients when they couldn’t accept some revolutionizing
idea about chicks being naked and he was sitting with the journalist
once again.If Sally always tells the truth than she must have
gotten it from her father, because that mid-westerner spilled the beans
on the whole Sterling Cooper operation and now we are back at square
one. Only next time there will be no paid fights or bail outs over ham,
Peggy learned that one the hard way.Mad Men airs Sunday nights at 10PM | 9C.