‘Mad Men’ Recap: The Summer Man

“When a man walks into a room he brings his whole life with him.”

The first sight of Don Draper in this episode was his epic hairy chest at the pool. I think that should be enough to let you know who this man really is. Super bad ass.

Apparently, our guy is keeping a diary now. He didn’t finish high school, he has major smoker’s hack and well, when the Stones are playing and he is putting on his shades, women tend to swoon like there is no tomorrow. The man has the swagger of Cary Grant. I felt like I was watching a classic film.

The difference in Don Draper is significant. He is being honest with himself now. He is having a dialogue. He is working his shit out. Things are looking up.

Que the douche bag brigade and the vending machine. Joey, the only hot one, actually says something to Joan MF Holloway along the lines of, “You walk around like you’re trying to get raped.” Holy Shit! Does this moron know who he is talking to? Shanghai Whorehouse? More like, master of the entire Mad Men universe dumb ass!

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Yay Betty looks pretty again! Really pretty! I was reminded why January
Jones is on the show. Its been too long girl. Yes, she is still an
alcoholic. Yes, her and Don may or may not still love each other,
secretly. But she was cooking this episode! And frosting a cake!Also, ex wives are a turn on for Bethany. The back of a cab, really?On
the opposite of that spectrum, is Faye. She is nothing like Bethany or
Betty and Mr. Draper knows this. She is educated, independent, doesn’t
need a man, does NOT cook and damn it if she won’t tell you to go take a
shit in the ocean! I think this could be the start of something
beautiful for Don. Faye may be exactly what he needs. Oh and
that troglodyte Joey got his ass canned. Even though Peggy made us all
cheer, Joan has her own way of castrating men when she needs to and she
doesn’t want someone cramping her style. Either way, girl power
prevailed in the end. Don went to Gene’s 2nd birthday after all.
And I almost cried seeing him be a dad again. Let’s hope Mr. Draper is
truly turning a new leaf.