‘Mad Men’ Recap: The Suitcase

Will the real Don Draper please stand up? Or cry his eyes out? This episode was all about Draper and Peggy. It couldn’t have been any more epic.

Peggy actually had cute hair this episode and a cute birthday dress as well. Too bad her birthday was spent with a drunk Don and his emotional breakdown. But it seems to be what both of them have always craved.  

Her birthday gift? Creepy business cards from a creepy old man she used to bone. Then Duck shows up and almost takes a crap in Sterling’s perfectly white office and wants to punch Draper in the face. I found it interesting that Draper says ‘uncle’ because if he wanted to he could kick the shit out of Duck.

Trudy? Pregnant? Epic maternity outfit girl!

Don isn’t calling Anna. He already knows what it is about. But everything in the universe is telling him to call. Even the tape on his recorder runs out. The mouse in the office is like a testament to Draper hiding himself away. When the mouse came out to play I knew we were in for some reality.

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I have one sentence: Don Draper puking. I think that’s all we need to know to realize the shit was hitting the fan. After
Don and Peggy spend the night together talking and getting to know one
another, for real, Don finally makes that call. Stephanie says to him,
“She’s in a better place now.” Don replies, “That is what they say.”Then
he sees Peggy staring at him and bawls like a baby. And we all truly
feel for the guy when he says, “She was the only person in the world who
really knew me.” But now he has Peggy. And it almost seemed as
if Anna was directing Don to Peggy, letting him know that there is
another person that he can count on and who will take care of him. The
handing holding at the end suggests a friendship that stemmed a long
time ago and that will continue on stronger than anything else at
Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce.