Mad Men Recap: The Rejected

Mad Men was all about rejection this week. Don had the focus lady come back and get all the twenty year old chicks in the office to start bawling like babies, including the one he boned when he was wasted. Peggy tried to comfort Allison, but when she was accused of sleeping with Draper, she lost all respect and sympathy for the girl.

Joan Holloway knows whats going on. If a secretary throws a decorative glass ball at Don Draper and runs out of the office crying, Joan knows she has some hiring to do. And Peggy isn’t above spying through glass windows either. 

Speaking of Peggy, apparently the lesbians love her. And who wouldn’t? Mad Men finally introduced Peggy to a worthy mate in a closet while the cops raided a beatnik party. Its getting really old that gorgeous Elisabeth Moss is being set up with a bunch of douche tards, girl or boy this season.

Pete Campbell is going to be a father. I feel bad for the therapy that kid is going to need when its older. Pete has to break the news to his father in law about dumping his account. The account that Pete kissed his ass for in the beginning of the series. Either way Trudy’s uterus is finally in working order and the family is celebrating.

Draper received a letter from Anna letting us know she isn’t dead yet. Which is good because if this guy loses anything else in life he might go completely mental. Don tried to write an apology letter to Allison the secretary for totally using her. He even starting some sentence about his messed up life, but we all knew that letter was never going to be finished, let alone sent to anyone. It too bad though, because we are finally starting to see the layers unfold around Don Draper.

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