‘Mad Men’ Recap: The Beautiful Girls

This episode was all about the women of Mad Men and have mercy, these women are all power houses. Even Sally MF Draper. Who is vastly becoming one of my favorite characters.

This savvy little girl takes the train into town and Don wasn’t too pleased about the visit. For a minute there I wanted Draper to get punched in the face, but he took her to the zoo later on, so fatherhood was redeemed.

Mrs. Blankenship kicked the bucket! Hardcore! And it made for my second favorite random Mad Men moment in the series, next to the lawn mower through the office window after chopping a British dude’s foot off. Ya’ll know you remember that cluster cuss!

Watching Pete Campbell drag a lifeless corpse out with Harry Crane’s afgan (which his mother made him) as a disguise was solid gold.

We all knew a Rodger and Joan’s rekindling was coming soon. Joan’s doctor hubby is a total douche and Rodger’s twenty year old wife is about as smart as a box of rocks. How did they get things moving? They got robbed in the ghetto. I know when I get robbed the first thing I want to do is have dirty animal sex in a dank alleyway. Good call guys. 

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This just in! I’ve recently learned of the best recipe ever conceived for french toast. Thank you Sally Draper.Peggy
is remembering she has values but works in a capitalist system. We all
go through that phase Peg. Just keep on stocking your office with scotch
and blanket your sell out regrets by self medicating the pain away. Faye
sucks with kids. Who cares? Don doesn’t. And these two are actually
connecting because they are being real with one another. I’m sure when
Don and Betty met, they were trying to be what they thought the other
one wanted or what Horatio Alger used to write about. Either way, Don’s
trial and error is his future gain with Faye. And God, who’d want to be
with Betty anyways lately? She looked so damned miserable, smoking in
the lobby of S.C.D.P.  The last shot of Joan, Peggy and Faye in
the elevator was GD dynamic. They are all so epically kick ass in their
own way, yet all completely different. And we continue to be intrigued.