‘Mad Men’ Recap: Hands And Knees

Everyone at S.C.D.P is having a mental breakdown and for good reason.

The first slap in the face came from Joan and Rodger. Guess who is going in to have a 3rd ‘procedure’? Our favorite red head. And Rodger is not as sensitive about this as many wish he would be. Bastard.

Betty actually saved Don’s ass. Its not like she needed to. He did cheat on her and lie to her for their entire marriage. But then again, Betty is just plain bitchy to Sally all the time so I have a lack of sympathy for her all around. Thank God Don wasn’t a communist! Can you imagine the shit that would have hit the fan?

Lane’s heart belongs to a playboy bunny. A sistah to be exact. And she is sure beautiful. But apparently, Lane’s old man has quite the influence and a huge ass cane to make his point. So Lane is going back to England.

Lucky Strike just castrated the company and Rodger knows he is screwed. He is even calling the dearly departed in order to find new accounts. Oops.

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At the end of the day, we are all the same. We all put our pants on one
leg at a time. We all puke. Even Don MF Draper worships the porcelain
God and has massive panic attacks. It took Faye all but maybe
ten minutes to get Draper to tell the truth about his identity. Faye
isn’t needy. She is savvy enough to realize when this man needs his
space and she is smart enough to see a cry for help. Damnit if Draper
screws this up, I might have to punch someone in the face. Those
wandering eyes of his…Trudy’s pregnancy nightgown was so hot, I
almost developed a fetish! Yowsa! Also, Pete is a hypocrite. But at
least he kept it all on the down low and got his ass handed to him by
Rodger Sterling. Somewhat commendable. Oh and even though Don
sucks balls at fatherhood, he bought Sally tickets to see the Beatles.
So really, who gives a shit? Best father of the year award! The
only mystery that remains this episode is Joan’s little procedure. Did
she go through with it? I hope not. Because a Joan Holloway ‘mini-me’
would be the cutest thing on planet earth.